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About Website Screenshot Generator

A screenshot, also referred to as a screencap or screengrab, is an image that shows a computer display's content. Screenshots let you capture what you see on your device's display to share with others or for later reference.


The Website Screenshot Generator is a tool that grabs a screenshot of any webpage. A helpful, innovative tool, the screenshot generator, helps you increase a website's click-through rate. Users can view your website page before they click through, so they already know what to see and expect before actually landing on the site.


This Website Screenshot Generator has produced thousands of screenshots and is used by website owners and marketers who want to boost their traffic. So, if you would like to improve visits to your pages by uploading a screenshot to image sharing sites, for example, this is the tool to use.

How to Use the Website Screenshot Generator

You can use the Website Screenshot Generator immediately without having to install any software on your PC. All you must do is enter the URL of the page of which you a screenshot. The tool will capture a shot of the webpage.


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