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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

The Code to Text Ratio Checker helps you discover your actual text content percentage without other page components, including CSS, Javascript, and HTML tags. Using the text ratio checker enables you to improve your SEO ranks because pages with a higher code to text quota are believed to earn higher page rankings.

You can apply the Code to Text Ratio Checker to get insights into improving your text content ratio and the page's value for your visitors.

How to Use the Text Ratio Checker

The Code to Text Ratio Checker is amazingly simple to use; you do not need any technical skills or coding experience. The developers have taken care of all the technical stuff so even a complete novice can use it with ease. All you need to do to us the checker is copy and paste the URL into the checker box. Then press the button, and the tool will produce the results There is no requirement to download any app onto your PC; you can use the tool online at any time as long as you have an Internet connection.

This web-based app is all you need for confirmed results to determine the text to code percentage for your website's pages. Remember, a higher text to code ratio has a better chance of getting a good search engine position. Most experts agree a text to code ratio of 15%, or higher is good SEO.

Use the Code to Text Ratio Checker today - it is 100% FREE!